Netzwerk Arbeit und Globalisierung

Dieses Netzwerk hat sich im Rahmen des Weltsozialforums in Nairobi (Jänner 2007) konstituiert.

Ziel ist, einerseits sicherzustellen, dass es einen breiteren Raum zur Diskussion der Auswirkungen der Globalisierung auf Arbeit und Gewerkschaften gibt. Andererseits geht es auch darum, einen breiteren Platz innerhalb der Sozialforen und einen intensiveren Austausch zwischen Gewerkschaften, Organisationen, die Menschen im informellen Sektor organisieren und anderen sozialen Bewegungen und NGOs zu schaffen.

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Veranstaltungen beim ESF

Donnerstag, 18. September

  • Global Europe - will the EU external trade strategy create more and better jobs in Europe?

The EU Commission and EU governments claim that further trade liberalization will spur growth, create more and better jobs in Europe and save the European Social Model. In this seminar we would like to assess the impacts of the EU's free trade agreements to date on jobs, workers and trade unions in particular in Europe and the Global South and discuss alternatives to free trade agreements.

Co-organisers: Labour and Globalization Network, Seattle to Brussels Network, European Attac Network, CGIL, Sindacato Intercategoriale dei Lavoratori (SdL), War on Want, Weed, Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy, AITEC, European Network for Public Services, Women in Development Europe - WIDE, FIOM

Datum: 18. September
Zeit: 09:30 - 12:30
Ort: Möllevången Chokladfabriken, Cacaosalen

Sprachen: EN, ES, FR, RU

Thema 6, Seminar

  • Strategies and mobilisations against the attack on labour law in EU

This seminar enables to understand the implications of some judgments of the European Court of Justice, like Viking, Laval, Rüffert and Luxembourg decisions on the strategy of social movement. The purpose of the seminar is to advance social demand to block the present process and to build strategies with concrete objectives and targets.

Speakers: Jan O Andersen - Head of the Negotiation Department, Norwegian EL&IT union
Sam Hägglund - General Secretary of the European Federation Building and Wood Workers
Bo Bernhardsson - former chief editor of the daily newspaper Arbetet
Jan Andersson - Swedish MEP for the Socialist group and chairman of the EMPL Committee (invited)
Francis Wurtz - French MEP and President of the GUE/NGL group
John Monks - General Secretary of the ETUC (invited)

Datum: 18. September
Zeit: 09:30 - 12:30
Ort: Möllevången Moriskan

Sprachen: De, EN, ES, FR, IT, SV
Thema 6, Seminar

Freitag, 19. September

  • The judgements of the EU Court of Justice about labour law and the responses of the movement

The EU court has through the Viking, Laval, Rüffert and Luxembourg verdicts decided that free movement for goods, services, capital and work source is prioritised before union and social rights. This opens up to extensive wage dumping and threatens not only the entire Nordic model, but the social right in all the EU. How does this affect the trade unions and what can be done about it?

Speakers: Dan Holke - Lawyer of the Laval case, Swedish Electrical Workers' Union
Pierre Khalfa - Solidaires union, France
Jan-Erik Gustafsson - chairman of Peoples Movement against the EU, Sweden
Eva-Britt Svensson - Swedish MEP for the GUE/NGL group
Asbjørn Wahl - National Co-ordinator of the Campaign for the Welfare State, Norway

Labour and Globalization Network, Attac France, Fagligt Ansvar - netværk for en bedre fremtid, Folkrörelsen nej till EU, SSU Skåne, Byggnads

Datum: 19. September
Zeit: 09:30 - 12:30
Ort: Möllevången Moriskan

Sprachen: DE, EN, ES, FR, IT, SV

Thema 6, Seminar

  • Re-inventing a Labor and Union Strategy in the Globalization

Neoliberal globalization is contested. People look for alternatives. But organizations and strategies rooted in the traditional labour movement appear deeply challenged. What do we need to break the deadlock of this crisis? What kind of labor unionism is necessary? Labour activists from different experiences of Europe and World (USA, Brazil, South Africa) debate strategies and innovations.

IG Metall, Transform!Italia, Transnational Institute

Datum: 19. September
Zeit: 14:00 - 17:00
Ort: Rosengårds sporthall

Sprachen: De, EN, ES, FR, IT, TR

Thema 6, Seminar 

  • Labor and Globalization Network Meeting

Meeting of the Network "Labour and Globalization". Debating the development of the network in the WSF process, after Nairobi and Malmoe: future tasks, plans, organization of the network in Europe and in the next World Social Forum. Participants from the Americas and Africa and Asia. The meeting is open to all the interested organizations: trade unions, think thanks and new social movements.

Network Labour and Globalization, Attac Austria, Attac France, Transform!Italia

Datum: 19. September
Zeit: 18:00 - 21:00
Ort: Sofielund Studiefrämjandet, Stora salen

Sprachen: EN, ES, FR, IT

Thema 6, Assembly

Samstag, 20. September

  • Actions against the attack on labour law of the EU court of justice

Discussion of concrete proposals for actions and mobilisations in connection with the Laval-, Rüffert and Viking Judgments of the ECJ. How does the European Trade Union movement use the cases to get stronger?

Speakers: Hans Tilly - President of the Swedish Building Workers' Union
Finn Sørensen - Fagligt Ansvar, Denmark
Morgan Johansson - former Minister of public health, Mp
A representative of SSU (Sweden Socialdemocratic Youth) Skåne

Norway, Labour and Globalisation Network, Europe, Fagforbundet (Municipal Workers' Union), Tidningsföreningen Efter Arbetet (After Work, a News Paper Association), Sweden El&IT-forbundet(Electricians' and Telecom Workers' union), Norway, Skånes SSU-distrikt (Socialdemocratic Youth), Sweden, Nej til EU (Campaign against membership of the EU), Sweden, Nei til EU (Campaign against membership of the EU), Norway, Fagligt Ansvar (Trade Union Network), Denmark, Byggnads (Construction Workers' Union), Sweden

Datum: 20. September
Zeit: 09:30 - 12:30
Ort: Möllevången Moriskan

Sprachen: De, EN, ES, FR, SV, ?

Thema 6, Seminar


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